Regarding the need to be organised in association in order to function more actively in promoting health and hygiene in rural and urban areas, the Douala Liver Association  was founded on January 15th, 2008 under the initiative of its founding members, including Dr. KAMTCHUENG FODJO Mauriceau.

It is a secular, apolitical and above all non-profit association governed by the Cameroonian law No. 90/053 of December 19th, 1990 on freedom of association.

Given the statistics on prevalence of hepatitis (B and C) in Cameroon, the need of an immediate action is indeed reauired.

Our Mission

DOUALA LIVER ASSOCIATION supports urban and rural populations by facilitating access to primary health care.

Douala Liver Association through its members strengthens the care of patients through training it offers to health professionals.

 In addition, it spares no effort when it comes to sensitizing the population on health issues, and also to limit mother-to-child transmission of diseases through its partnership with the Association of Midwives and Women of Cameroon (AMWC).

Our goals

  • Create an extensive network of medical personel, first aid and volunteer to support the health action.
  • Raise awareness and educate people about hepatitis of viral origin and others.
  • Vaccination against hepatitis B.
  • To fight against the endemics: malaria, salmonellosis, bladder candidiasis, intestinal and all other diseases which can harm the well-being of the populations.
  • Organiser au sein des populations des campagnes d’hygiène et salubrité, séminaires et conférences.Organize hygiene and sanitation campaigns, seminars and conferences.
  • Provide these populations with the necessary expertise, by identifying and reporting on their health, their medical and health care needs.
  • Exchange experiences with other organizations, movements working in the same wake.

Executive Bureau


Dr Mauriceau K. FODJO

President & Founder

Mme BALENG Née NGO Liban Marie

Communicator of D.L.A

Mme METOUM Martine

Assistant of D.L.A